AIIMS 2017 Medical Entrance Exam


AIIMS 2017 is popularly called as All India Institute of Medical Science Entrance Test. This medical entrance exam is officially organized by the All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi. This national level exam is organized to provide admission to undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses in well known colleges or universities across India. In this post we have provided you information on AIIMS Entrance exam at UG and PG level such as its exam dates, syllabus, online application form, paper pattern and latest notification on AIIMS exam.

AIIMS 2017 Exam Summary
Exam Name All India Institute of Medical Science Entrance Test
Commonly Known as AIIMS
Exam Level National
Conducting Authority All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi
Stream Medical Entrance Exam

AIIMS 2015 LogoAIIMS 2017 Entrance Exam – Course-wise

AIIMS 2015-2016 Exam Dates

AIIMS Entrance Exams list Important Dates
SR/SD Exam (January 2015 Session)
Entrance Examination-Online 11th  January, 2015 (Sunday)
Result (to be declared) 13th  January,  2015  (Tuesday)
Interview 16th, 17th, 19th, 20th, 21st January, 2015.
(Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Final Result 27th   January, 2015.  (Tuesday)
Ph.D. Programme January, 2015 Session
Entrance Examination 17th  January, 2015  (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 20th  January, 2015  (Tuesday)
Departmental Assessment 23rd  January, 2015  (Friday)
Final Result Notification 27th  January, 2015  (Tuesday)
Entrance Examination 24th  January,2015 (Saturday)
Result 5th  February,2015  (Thursday)
AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch.(6 yrs.) / MDS) – July, 2015 Session
Entrance Examination 10th  May, 2015 (Sunday)
Result  (to be declared) 15th  May, 2015 (Friday)
1st Counseling 11th  June, 2015  (Thursday)
2nd Counseling 19th  June, 2015   (Friday)
Open  Counseling 23rd  July, 2015  (Thursday)
DM/M.Ch/MHA-July, 2015 Session
Entrance Examination 16th  May, 2015 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 18th  May, 2015  (Monday)
Departmental Assessment 21st    May, 2015  (Thursday)
Final Result Notification 25th   May, 2015  (Monday)
M.B.B.S.- 2015
Entrance Examination 1st June, 2015 (Monday)
Result  (to be declared) 25th  June, 2015  (Thursday)
1st Counselling 6,7,8 & 9 July, 2015 (Mon, Tue, Wed & Thursday)
2nd Counselling 10th August, 2015 (Monday)
3rd Counselling 7th September, 2015 (Monday)
Open  Counselling for AIIMS, Delhi
If seats are vacant.
23rd September, 2015 (Wednesday)
B.Sc. ( Hons.) Para-Medical Courses-2015  [ at AIIMS, NEW DELHI ]
Entrance Examination 06th  June, 2015 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 12th  June, 2015   (Friday))
1st Counselling 2nd  July, 2015  (Thursday)
2nd Counselling 13th   July, 2015  (Monday)
Open Counselling 21st September, 2015  (Monday)
B.Sc. ( Hons.) Nursing 2015 [ FOR 7 AIIMS]
Entrance Examination 14th June, 2015 (Sunday)
Result  Notification 19th June, 2015 (Friday)
1st Counselling 20, 21, 22 July, 2015 (Monday-Wednesday)
2nd Counselling 20th August, 2015 (Thursday)
Open Counselling [for AIIMS, New Delhi only] If seats are vacant 28th September, 2015
B.Sc. Nursing (Post-certificate) “2015 at AIIMS, NEW DELHI.
Entrance Examination 20th June, 2015 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 22nd  June, 2015  (Monday)
Personnel Assessment 24th  June, 2015  (Wednesday)
Result  Notification 26th  June, 2015  (Friday)
M.Sc. Nursing “ 2015 [AT AIIMS, NEW DELHI]
Entrance Examination 27th   June, 2015 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 6th  July, 2015  (Monday)
1st Counseling 14th  July, 2015    (Tuesday)
2nd Counseling 25th  July, 2015  (Saturday)
M.Sc. Courses-2015 [AT AIIMS, NEW DELHI]
Entrance Examination 4th  July, 2015 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 08th  July, 2015  (Wednesday)
Entrance Examination 11th  July, 2015   (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 15th  July, 2015  (Wednesday)
SR/SD Exam (July, 2015 Session)
Entrance Examination 12th July, 2015 (Sunday)
Result  (to be declared) 14th July, 2015
Interview 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31st July, 2015
( Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Friday)
Final Result 1st  August, 2015  ( Saturday)
Ph.D. Programme “ July, 2015  Session
Entrance Examination 19th  July, 2015 (Sunday)
Result  (to be declared) 21st   July, 2015  (Tuesday)
Departmental Assessment 24th  July, 2015  (Friday)
Final Result Notification 27th  July, 2015  (Monday)
AIIMS-PG (MD/MS/M.Ch. (6 yrs.)/MDS)-January, 2016 Session
Entrance Examination 1st  November, 2015  (Sunday)
Result  (to be declared) 6th  November, 2015  (Friday)
1st Counseling 10th  December, 2015  (Thursday)
2nd Counselling 18th  December, 2015  (Friday)
Open Selection 27th  January, 2016 (Wednesday)
DM/M.Ch/MHA-January, 2016 Session
Entrance Examination 28th  November, 2015 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 30th  November, 2015 (Monday)
Departmental Assessment 3rd  December, 2015 (Thursday)
Final Result Notification 7th  December, 2015 ( Monday)
SR/SD Exam (January 2016 Session)     
Entrance Examination 13th  December, 2015  (Sunday)
Result (to be declared) 15th  December, 2015 (Tuesday)
Interview 17,18, 19, 21, 22 & 23rd  December, 2015
(Thu, Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue,& Wednesday)
Final Result Notification 29th  December, 2015  (Tuesday)
Ph.D. Programme – January, 2016  Session
Entrance Examination 16th January, 2016 (Saturday)
Result  (to be declared) 19th  January, 2016  (Tuesday)
Departmental Assessment 22nd  January, 2016  (Friday)
Final Result Notification 25th  January, 2016  (Monday)
[quote_box_center]Important Note the above dates for AIIMS entrance exams are tentative. We recommend you to stay connected with us to receive latest notification on AIIMS entrance exams.[/quote_box_center]
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