About Us

Getentrance.com has been established by GrowthTrack Info Tech Pvt. Ltd. with an aim to provide all necessary information about educational topics like entrance exams in India, college & the university admission process, exam notification and other latest news on education. It is a website that is useful for all students who wish to gain better knowledge about their current course and its requirements. This basically reaches out to the students with relationship to educational concerns and information regarding the same. It aims at providing all round information about educational courses and entrance examinations along with keeping the students updated with the latest educational news.

Before Getentrance.com our company have successfully provided educational information through his educational blog which consists of a decent idea about entrance exams in India. The people at getenterance.com aim at not only providing relevant and detailed information but also making the information easy on the eye by breaking it down to easy and relevant steps that students can easily follow through.

In today’s times where education is almost a basic necessity and the mushrooming of new courses and examinations every year which brings forth new opportunity, the vast entirety of it can baffle students with confusion and thus our main goal is to make the process a whole lot simpler so that the students can easily get all the information that’s valid and as well as relevant.

We have a whole team that strives towards making the experience of choosing a course or examination as easy and hassle free as possible.


Team Members at Getentrance.com

Jagdish Bhanderi: CEO and Founder

Jagdish Bhanderi has worked for a website company previously before he decided to start one of his own. He has a very clear vision of changing the educational system and his sole mission is to do whatever he can to make that vision a reality. Needless to say, he is the whole and soul of the website.

Riyaz Khan: Content Writer/ Editor

Riyaz Khan has accomplished his Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course. He mostly works on providing complete details about the courses and educational examinations and also writes articles on the latest news in the field of education and also on various entrance examinations.

Jason John: Content Writer/ Editor

Jason John has finished his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course. He provides information about upcoming engineering and medical examinations and also upgrades the existing one. He finds new upcoming education streams and updates it.